more elite armor ideas

I was thinking about new armor for the elites. comment down if you have any new elite armor ideas

existing armors:

  1. minor

  2. major

  3. spec ops

  4. ranger

  5. ultra

  6. zealot

  7. commander

  8. warrior

  9. arbiter

  10. general

  11. field marshal

  12. storm

  13. officer

  14. honor guard

  15. counselor

  16. honor guard ultra

  17. flight

  18. assault

  19. commando

  20. ascetic

  21. kaidon

  22. hazop/heretic

  23. supreme commander

ideas i came up with:

  1. elite operative armor (similar to the revenants from DOOM 2016)

  2. elite security armor (w/ energy shield and plasma rifle)

comment down what have you came up with.

Honor Guard and Councilor armor from Halo 2 would be neat as Legendary tier armor.

how about the heretic, invader, outrider, ascetic, and hesduros zealot harnesses?

I’m going to break down the existing armours even further for the fun of it.


  • Combat (Minor) - worn by any rank; Standard, Specialist or Zealot (I.e. Minors, Majors, Ultra, Spec Ops, Shipmasters, etc.) - Combat - alternate helmet as seen in Halo CE - worn by Minors and Majors - Officer - worn by a select group of Majors - Ultra - worn by UltrasSpecialist

  • Assault - worn mostly by Spec Ops Elites - Flight - worn by Elite pilots - Infiltrator - worn by a select group of Stealth or Spec Ops Elites - Commando - worn by Elite Commandos - Ranger (EVA) - includes multiple variants - worn by Rangers - Hazop - worn by the Heretics on Threshold and Basis - Honour Guard - worn by the Prophets’ personal guards - Councillor - worn by members of the High Council - Ascetic - worn by Elite Ascetics - Oossoona- worn by a select group of Security Elites - Silent Shadow - worn by a select group of Spec Ops Elites - Arbiter - worn by the Arbiter - Arbiter Kaidon - worn by Thel 'Vadam in Halo 5Zealot

  • Zealot classic - as seen in Halo CE - worn by Shipmasters, Field Masters, Fleet Masters, etc. - Zealot - as seen in Halo Reach - worn by a select group of Zealots - Field Marshal - worn by a specific rank of Zealot - General - worn by a specific rank of Zealot - Supreme Commander - worn by the Supreme CommanderRemnant

  • Storm - replacement for standard Combat armour worn by Minors - Commander - replacement for Officer armour - Warrior - replacement for General armour - Zealot - replacement for Zealot and Spec Ops armours (such as Infiltrator)There are more that appear in the cover art and other works of Halo books, but I don’t have the names of them.
    On topic: In terms of new Elite armour, I don’t have any ideas. I’d much rather take from the existing armours above and refine their appearances.

An hunter elite, with an elite skull on his head.