More detailed XBC Guide

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What is Xbox connect?
Xbox connect is a online LAN system that allows you to System link through the internet for free

Is it as good as Xbox live?
No, but in some ways it excels in other ways like its faster to find a game, And if your playing a original Xbox then you kinda have no choice of another online service aside from Xlink Kai which sucks

What are the requirements for XBC?
An xbox,halo 2, a PC that is Capable of running XBC

Now First thing is first…make sure you understand that XBC is legal to use as long as you use the free version…DO NOT TRY TO PIRATE THE PRO VERSION if your gonna use it …use it legally and use the free version.

Ok step 1. How to setup your network,
If you are using a completely wired network and nothing is wireless then setup your network like the image below and go to step 2, if you are using a laptop keep reading.

If you are using a Laptop then you must plug your xbox into your laptop,(DO NOT USE YOUR XBOX WIFI ADAPTER TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET USE WIRED CONNECTION ON YOUR XBOX) with an Ethernet cable(like image below) and turn on ICS (internet connection sharing)

How to turn on ICS
go to Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center
then on the left hand side there should be a link that says “Change adapter settings” go there
Right click on YOUR WIFI connection and hit properties DO NOT RIGHT CLICK ON YOUR ETHERNET CONNECTION
Once at the properties page, go to the top and click on sharing, check off both boxes hit apply & OK. see image below

(Usually the settings should take effect immediately, but if they do not, reset your PC if you cant connect to an XBC match to fix this)

Step 2 Download the free XBC Version- Please Read and understand the XBC disclaimer-
Heres the site with the Link

Step 3
install the XBconnect program and create a login name with passsword**(Windows 8 Users IMPORTANT TO READ THE WINCAP SUPPORT SECTION before proceeding)**

Step 4
Now put in Halo 2, go to system link on H2. Now go back to your Xbox connect program and attempt to join a game, XBC should prompt you to find your console, hit ok and let it detect it, once found you can now play halo 2 online. If this doesnt work support is below

Support problems…
sometimes Programs like XBC require Administrator status on windows vista/7/8 so please right click on your XBC desktop icon and run as an Administrator
Also Programs may need access by your firewall -Warning if your to worried about your firewall then -
you will need to go to your firewall options from your control panel and allow access for XBC. You may also want to forward ports so you can get XBC to work please use for further details on forwarding ports

Windows Vista, Windows 7 Problem & Windows 8-Since Windows vista/7/8 have a different way of network configuring than XP microsoft doesnt have NPPTools.DLL come standard with it anymore so you have to download the .DLL file
and just open the archive and drag and drop the .DLL file
Once you have the .dll file downloaded if you have a 32 bit operating system then drag and drop it here
If you have a 64 bit bit Drag and drop here

WINCAP ISSUES on Windows 8, This is a serious unfixed issue on windows 8 and its recommended you do this before installing XBC
On windows 8 using XBC you may be prompted with a wincap error as you log in, in order to fix this issue you must take these steps.

  1. Download winpcap…
  2. BEFORE INSTALLING IT. Right click on this file —> WinPcap_4_1_2.exe
  3. Click properties, then click the compatibility tab
  4. Under compatibility mode, use the dropdown box to choose windows 7
  5. Click apply and save. Then Install it

If you are still getting the error after doing this restart your PC, if that doesnt work uninstall XBC and reinstall it, typically the error should go away

Simple things im going to quote from MLG User Nevik

> To use the WinPCap, login to XBC then go to Tools > Options > General Options. Once you get there make sure “Use WinPCap Library” box is selected. After this step try to find your console again ( Tools > Find > My Console.) At this point a few different things could happen. You may be good to go, It may find your console but not let you join games, or it may not have found your console at all. If you fall in the 2nd or 3rd outcome, you will need to forward some ports and add XBC on your firewall. You will also need to do this if you plan on hosting games. NOTE: This step is designed for Windows Firewall. If you are using a different Firewall these steps will not be exactly the same for you.
> Windows Vista:
> Start > Control Panel > Firewall > Allow a Program through Windows Firewall. This should take you directly to the exceptions tab. Once you are here there will be a list of programs. XBC will probably not be on the list. To find it, select “Add Program…”. A new list of programs will open. Scroll down until you find XBC. There will be a program called XBC Skin Builder, but that is the wrong one. Once you find it, click on it and select ok. Then scroll down the first list of programs until you see XBC. Make sure the box for it is checked. There are two more ports that need to be forwarded. This time click on “Add Port…”. Name the first port “XBC 1”. The Port number is “8602” with the “TCP” bullet selected. Now do the same thing again, but name this one “XBC 2” The port number is also “8602” but this time with “UDP” selected. After you add these ports, make sure the boxes for them are checked.
> Windows 7:
> Start > Control Panel > Firewall > Allow a Program through Windows Firewall. This will take you to window called “Allow Programs to Communicate Through Windows Firewall”. Before you can do anything else, click on “Change Settings” which is located above the list of programs. Scroll down the list until you see XBC. If XBC is not on the list (which is likely), click on “Allow Another Program”. This will bring up a new list of programs that XBC should be on. Like Windows Vista, there is a program called XBC Skin Builder which is the wrong one. Once you find XBC, select it and click ok. XBC will now be on the first list of programs. Make sure the boxes are checked.

Hey, thanks a whole lot. If you can possibly find a way to use this with a mac please do update with instructions. If you cannot, I don’t mind figuring it out myself.

> Hey, thanks a whole lot. If you can possibly find a way to use this with a mac please do update with instructions. If you cannot, I don’t mind figuring it out myself.

Macs allow you to use Mac operating system and a windows OS at the same time, just dual boot with windows

Use this method