More customization and challanges feedback quickie

another quick post to keep the feeback coming, the per game challenge should be 100 XP, not 50, most poeple have jobs and dont have the time to grind, and while the recent change to every game is good getting only 50 means when ya break down the math it the time it takes hasnt really changed, which again is an issue for the above reason.

Challanges need to be overhauled so they dont encurage poeple to leave games which wont progress them and play in ways that screw over thier team mates, it NEEDS to be stuff ya will just end up regularly doing anyway paired with slayer getting its own playlist at least.

also, while I dont mind the store sense its only cosmetic, ITS WAAAAAY TOO EXPENSIVE, like the prices are fallout 76 level bad, like the bundle o there thats 20$ USA? needs to be down to 7.50$ at the most. Same applies to the other stuff, sides the battlepass, 10$ every 3 months is fine IF the progressio speed is fixed so poeple who dont have more than say 8 hours a week to grind aret screwed over.