More Controversy=Less Players

If I were Microsoft and 343, I wouldn’t touch controversy with a ten foot pole. Halo Infinite has just come off the ramp, doin a bunch of flips and tricks, looks real impressive, but it has to stick the landing. If I were them, I would do a few things. I would reduce the price of items in the store. I think that is needless to be said at this point. I would add in a color system where you can choose the color of your armor pieces individually. Then, I would remove any armor coatings that could be made with such a system and replace them with ones that could not be. Make ones that are fancier. 343 has some talented artists. Let them be. Add in player collision. Pros can cry in their coffee. Most of us are casual. I don’t think I would be off base with saying that this would make an enormous amount of people very happy, and just in time for Christmas. You will stick the landing.