More color/setting options in Forge?

Forge should have a bunch of different backrounds, like a space backround or a desert, instead of having one plain field like Forge World is. They should also have theme options for the structures, instead of making them all the same. They should give users many of the same options that the developers have for creating maps. What are your thoughts?

Im not a forger but the ability to apply a colour filter over objects would make for much more diverse maps & variety. Having the ability to change the skybox on the fly probably wouldnt be an option as its loaded up when the map initially loads but more forge worlds would be a good way around that. :slight_smile:

Nothing but Forerunner grey was a bit unappealing. Going back to all sandstone (Sandbox) isn’t that good an idea either.
So I agree a diverse palette of object textures is a much needed change.