More casual playlists please/better menu selection

So, as it stands now we only have one casual gameplay list, BTB. Even then, we can choose what kind of BTB game we play. Right now we have a random chance of ending up with either CTF, Strongholds or Slayer. I believe it would benefit the player base and Halo 5 for there to be more casual play lists. On top of that we should be able to choose which individual gametype we want to play. So, I suggest the new layout be each play list goes into sub categories for players to choose from so they can chose which specific game type they want to play instead of leaving it to chance.

Main Menu for Arena:


Team Arena

  • CTF - StrongholdsSlayer




Team Objective

  • CTF - StrongholdsTeam Slayer




  • BTB CTF - BTB Slayer - BTB Heavies - BTB StrongholdsThis way, players no longer have to rely on chance to get the gametype they want. They can simply go into each category and choose the sub category of that play list that best suits what they want to play.

Bump, because we need better menu and playlist selection options.