More Brutal Assassinations in Halo 6? (M rating)

Warning: Graphic Descriptions

Hey everyone!
Dropkick here, just wondering with Halo 6 being a likely minimum of a year and a half away, what everyone’s opinions on having more brutal/graphic assassinations are. Moves like John Wick/Sam Fisher type things with snapping necks, slitting Spartan throats and back stabbing through the chest (energy sword). Nothing Doom level, but just more intense and rewarding.

What do you all think?

if its somewhat of a Halo: Reach level of graphic with those moves then why not. Those are actual assassinations for a reason, nothing like those more theatrical ones that we have gotten.

I could definitely use a bit more efficient assassinations. Maybe even have the ability to choose that which assassinations i would like to randomly use (unlike the only 1 in H5g and all containing Halo: Reach).

I’d like to have bayonet assassinations.

If 343 could somehow add them in the next Halo 5 update instead, I’d be very grateful.

Ske7ch plz :slight_smile:

We already have backstabbing, neck snapping, and I think even a throat slit. So I’m not entirely sure what you’re asking for.

Feel free to use the existing Halo 6 threads that are kicking around.