More balanced rules/weapon set.

I would like to see a playlist/game type that disables clamber, boost, stabilize, sprint and ground pound. Also I’d like the maps to only consist of the following weapons.
Br, H2 Br, snipe, spnkr, plasma pistol, closed fist (in place of shotgun/scatter shot) light rifle and carbine. Staring weapon being either br or h2br.

To maintain fluent gameplay on the arena maps without sprint or clamber I have increased speed to 110% and jump hight to 120%. I have played game types with these rules and weapon sets on maps with my friends and we all agree it is a much more enjoyable way to play halo 5, however I don’t always have enough friends available to play custom games. I’m sure a large section of the community would also enjoy a playlist with the above settings. I hope you consider this possibility in the future.

130% jump hight
120% gravity is actually what I’ve used sorry.

Video explaining why classic settings won’t work in current sandbox