More armor core slots

There should not be only one a lot per armor core. There should be a locker system, so instead of having to completely re customize an armor core so you can have something different, you can just select an already saved armor core that has been customized to what you want. This would make the customization system so much better.

rather than treating them like limitations, armor cores/kits should be treated as customizable presets.
akin to how TF2 has 4 slots to customize your character, cores/kits in infinite could work the same way


That should apply to the armor coatings as well. where your paying not for the armor coating ,but the colors used in them…

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that, along with the coatings ALSO being a pattern preset.
for example… a coating will give you a random color. but it would be an optional material (like glossy or rusty) for your spartan along with a given color patern for the colors of your own choosing