more action sack variants and possible updates for playlists.

I honestly think that this is what we need as we wait for the Anniversary is some new game types (which I can name some off). In all honesty Matchmaking is getting kind of dull and people keep picking the same gametypes and maps over and over again (seriously trying pick skirmish which is something I never played and all I get is invasion on boneyard).

Now as for the gametype is action sack:
Team F.Rifles (like team snipers,but with focus rifles and plasma pistol starts).
Blarg!Boom (Elites only. like splockets,but with Plasma Launcher and Fuel Rod Starts)
2 flag shotty (like H3 game type)
Dodgeball (We all know this)
Team Fiesta (if possible also make it so load outs are random).

Make a race and FFA race. Regular race would have 4 teams of 2 (would include the original rocket rocket race.) Add revenant race as well with the starting weapon spawns being fuel rod and concussion rifles. FFA race you coul add a multitude of variant (I even made a banshee race map and it was fun as well.).

Add some community made map (pleases not the crappy ones like we have on team slayer, doubles,btb,and arena) for invasion (or just make a community invasion playlist.) also decrease the likeliness of invasion boneyard showing up. Make some changes to the infection maps instead of keeping them basic and do the same as with invasion.

Right now 343 you been kinda lazy with your work. I understand Halo Fest is coming up, but in all honesty I doubt everyone of your employees are heading there. I know it’s not easy, but still…