MOR Req pack not working?

Anybody else buy a pack last night then have it error out and still take your req points? Happened to my brother last night while we were playing.

So no else had this issue? Who do I contact to get this figured out?

Seems like the REQ system was acting all kinds of screwy last night. Did you check if you have new armors? Might have given you the goods but not shown it.

Ya my brother checked it last night after a while and said he didn’t see anything there that he hadn’t seen before.

Try rebooting your xbox… It works for me sometimes.

The best rule of thumb to follow after a DLC update like yesterday is to wait a day or two before you start buying and using your req points. There’s always a huge wave of users and the servers getting hammered that it just makes sense to wait for things to level out again before you get all gungho on the req packs.

Same thing just happened to me, ended up buying it twice on accident and still haven’t gotten anything for it… says retrying in the top right of the screen… afraid to reboot and lose it now after accidently spending 30 dang dollars I wasn’t planning on spending…

Would like a refund on 1 of these transactions but doubt I get it… wtf!

So after restarting bother have shown up, but still I didn’t want 2! I wanted only 1! Scam artists who crap servers, total BS!

Ok I’ll have my brother reboot his xbox and hopefully he gets them.