Monthly Drop Pod?

343 where is the monthly Drop Pod for July? Are we “Not” getting any updates this month?


July’s not over just yet lol

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Its delayed until season 3


Drop pods are like: The water is wet, the Sky Is blue, the bugfix for that first day bug Is coming anytime soon in the next 10 years.
There is your July Drop pod.


haha dang! So I have to deal with horrible ping for the next couple of months. lol

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There is still 375 days left until end of July :rofl: :joy:

Hopefully get some news on that Friday or beginning of next week, but not holding any hopes up anymore.


Drops Pods? Updates? It was all just BS to calm down the players and buy themselves more time to fix their mistakes. They release an update and then need another update to correct the last update… it’s a never ending cycle of waiting for more mistakes whenever it comes to 343. This is why they NEVER complete things on time or complete them properly. They are constantly fixing their own mistakes and playing catch-up, they will never get ahead and that is why 343 and the Halo franchise has become a laughing stock among the gaming community.


Aw man. Even all the drop pods are being delayed to s3 :sob:

<is joke, did the funny>

Maybe the real drop pods are the friends we lost along the way


I really don’t think 343 can commit to any kind of regular update, whether it’s in-game content or just information about the game. I mean, hell, the weekly updates went out the window not too long ago.


Shut up and buy your cat ears.


Visor cross core?

Wish it was armor coatings

Maybe they’ll fix the name tags again and have the feet appear with higher fovs and call it a day. :facepunch:

nah its delayed til season 4 lol

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Still making money on them. Gotta milk the dying cash cow for as long as possible.

You guys obviously don’t follow the devs on twitter and other locaitons. First stage of crosscore has been confirmed as well as that it is coming near the end of the month.

Well it makes sense for updates to be on the Halo site, not just the cesspool that is Twitter.


Not really, sites to main line blog posts generally once a week. Forums are never used for updates. twitter is the best and quickest place to get an update seen.

I agree what they did with Halo Infinite is beyond chocking. Its lies after lies after lies and the game still plays so bad.