Monthly Challenge XP taken away.

Earlier on today I completed the ‘To the victor…’ challenge. The 30,000 XP took me well into SR59. I turned my xbox off. I’ve just turned my xbox back on, played a Spartan Ops mission, and saw now I’m back to just under SR58. What. The. F***!

Also I’ve only just started playing after a 3 month break (new job taking all my time). I have all the DLC maps installed and guess what. Still playing the same ones from release. The voting BS has to go or have DLC playlists (yes I know the latest one has its own playlist, but I’ve hardly touched crimson).

Have you played any games since you noticed? Your Waypoint stats say you are over 5,000 XP into level 59.

I was around 30,000 into SR59 before I turned the xbox off.

That’s weird. Sorry I can’t help any further.