Monthly Challenge reset + Challenge problems

Presumably when they updated for the week, my monthly challenge reset back to zero. So basically a big **** you from the game.
Anybody else experience this? And is there a known way to fix it?

In other news, my Spartan Ops challenges are glitched. Two of them read:

Legend = Complete in on Legendary difficulty.

Heroic Episode = Complete all missions in on Heroic or higher difficulty.

same here got on forums to see what was up

Sorry i’ve been out all day with the kids, has there been an update issued yet then??

*Could just turn on XBOX and see but my fav soap has started and i’m shattered so please enlighten this unenlightened Spartan, thank you plaese.

Oh god… so glad I completed that last night -_-. Sorry to hear this guys hopefully they will resolve it.