Monthly challenge Glitch 117 wins!

I was level 44 going on 45. I completed the challenge and made it to level 45. I then went to xbox home for 10 minutes before returning. When i returned i was back to level 44 with the challenge saying completed yet the xp had been taken away! I was not near the daily limit and i was momentarily level 45! Please help what do i do?


happened to me with the deposed challenge. this is getting ridiculous. i completed it two 3 days ago and since it’ll say completed then the next incomplete and so on till today where it says incomplete. i’m not even gonna try for it again.

Yeah, happened to me a few nights ago with Deposed and the monthly on two separate occasions.
Completed the challenge and got the XP > checked waypoint > went back in-game > XP disappeared and progress reset for that challenge > restarted game/console > challenge progress showed as completed but XP is nowhere to be found. I’ve been keeping track of my XP progress each time I stop playing and haven’t seen the 17k pop up after almost a week.

It doesn’t bother me too much because those games earned me roughly 300k XP if not more, but that extra 17k would’ve been a nice bonus.

Seriously 343 you need to give people who have had this issue something else like mp points or a free level or some -Yoink- cause this is your problem fix this -Yoink- now if ppl wanna play my GT is xXxKHARMAxXx