Montage Clips Needed for Contest!

So there’s this contst by FiXT Records to make an original gaming video of any game. Naturally, I chose to make a Halo 4 montage. The linked video is the song I need to use for it. Now, I haven’t played H4 that much in a while, so I’m short on clips. My original idea was to make a montage featuring the best moments from my friends and I. Sadly, we all drifted away from H4. I got till May 10th to capture and edit the vid, so I need help coming up with footage. It would be nice to make a montage focused on one player who has a LOT of great clips. But under the time constraints, I’ll go with a compilation vid of clips from multiple authors. If you would like to throw some clips my way, upload them to your file share and tag them “suitupcontest”. Be sure to let me know here that you tagged some vids that way I know you gave consent for me to use your footage. When creating new clips, please add extra time before and after the action, about 5 seconds at least. Please only tag files you authored only. I don’t want to piss anyone off for featuring their clip without permission. If you have a clip from a friend you think would be good, please let them know and get consent before tagging. All clip owners who are featured in my montage will have their GT listed somewhere in it, either during their clip and/or a Special Thanks in the credits. Looking forward to being able to start this project. Feel free to shoot me (Grim 0) a Friend Request to become more involved. Here’s a link to my channel for reference on my editing abilities.

Most sincerely,
~Grim Ø