Monster Energy Weapon Skins and Emblems

I was a bit worried that since Rockstar took over the promotion due to the delay that I wouldnt get my Weapon Skins. I unlocked all the Skins through the Monster Promo but only have the Battle Rifle Monster Skin Unlocked and I dont understand why. Ive seen streamers using the Assault Rifle, Commando, and Sidekick skins, but they were never put on my account.

I know I made sure to input the codes before the expiration dates, even waited month by month for the new weapon skin codes to drop, and I was only Granted 1 of the 4. Monster also never sent an email for their promo that they were supposed to send last February. Is there any way to have these put on my account? I did my part by following the instructions to unlock them, I just never had them added to my account.