Monopolized won't pop

Check my times, I mixed and matched solo and coop but completed all on both and all levels have registered scores on leaderboards.

Coop Cairo Station 9:28 Coop Outskirts 9:42 Coop Metropolis 9:15 Coop Arbiter 9:38 Solo The Oracle 18:50 Coop Delta Halo 8:53 Solo Regret 35:15 Solo Sacred Icon 14:15 Coop Quarantine Zone 10:53 Solo Gravemind 30:34 Solo Uprising 3:18 Solo High Charity 8:54 Solo The Great Journey 10:50 Total 2.9 hours

Gotta do 'em solo or co-op. Not both.

> 2533274798035590;3:
> Gotta do 'em solo or co-op. Not both.

your kidding right ?

It popped after I completed some missions solo.