Monitor's Bounty Arena!!!

Right, so as most of y’all know, the Monitor’s Bounty is releasing soon. Hopefully, this update won’t kill my storage. Anyway, Unyshek released a new news update regarding the changes for arena. The biggest thing is most likely the seperate Ranked and Social playlists for Slayer, Team Arena, FFA, etc. Personally, I really feel like this is a pretty good change that a lot of peeps will like. 343i also updated a LOT of new maps (like, A LOT) for Doubles, Team Arena, but unfortunately not Breakout. In addition, SWAT maps are also updated, but we have… H2 BR and CE Pistol SWAT!!! I’m really hyped for these new starts, as they seem like a lot of fun. We also get a new mode called “Team Skirmish”, which is most likely the social Arena. However, there is a new map in the Slayer section called “White Cell”. I don’t know what that is, but it somehow reminds me of "Cold Storage from Halo 3, I think?

We also have some new BTB maps, such as Fracture, Traffic Jam, and Dispelled, and others. Also, and I think a lot of you will like this, Super Fiesta and Snipers will be permanent playlists now!!! Snipers will finally be ranked, although Fiesta isn’t (Obviously.) We also have Shotty Snipers, with updated maps. The big thing here is Grifball. They have this new setting called “Grifball Pro”, as well as lower gravity, new health settings,

No shields, 50% health with 2x faster recharge, ground pound has only 10% knockback, 2x faster activate time, slower fall speed. Also, NO SPARTAN CHARGE! This insures that there will be no more cheap shots, and hopefully, the rest of Arena will follow with no Spartan Charge. We also have faster sprint, with no stopping power (Whatever that is). The Grif (Ball carrier) WILL have shields, although you wont see them. They will also have 300% health, 20% recharge speed, but 500% wait time. updated maps, and 9 NEW MAPS! If you see some of the pics, they look really cool. The game will only go up to 1 point, I think, and there will also beplaced weapons. Most likely variants of the Grav Hammer and Energy Sword, like Corpsemaker and Vorpal Talon, etc. Finally, there will be new additions to Action Sack, with Battle Golf. Check out the clip, it looks fun! Well, that warps it up, and I have to say: this update showed that 343i actually DOES listen to us! Big thumbs up to 343 from me :smiley: !!!