Monitor game night.

So a little while back there was a thread on a 343i game night, and I posted that I’d like a game night with the monitors too. It honestly seemed far more likely than a 343 night since 343 has been mostly avoiding the community after the halo 5 backlash.(except of course for grim, bravo, and unysheck. You guys are the yoink!) We had a few monitors that expressed interest in this, so I was just wondering if there’s been any discussion amongst you guys regarding a game night? Maybe even get some of the “active” 343 people mentioned above in on it?
Edit: I guess I shoulda added in, I’m still very much interested in doing this. Any other Spartans down with this idea, feel free to post!

i’d be down. i see unyshek sitting in menu’s quite a lot lately tho. however i think those game nights will happen more often when wzf comes out