Mongoose Wild

One last time. I don’t think I will have the strength to type any more of these enormous things…

This forum also covers Gungoose designs.

Rally Mongoose: Higher top speed as well as bright green paint. Gungoose version too. Req level 1 (Mongoose) and 4 (Gungoose).
Hannibal Gungoose: The Gungoose now shoots Plasma Caster shots and is painted like the Hannibal vehicles. Req level 4.
Sword Mongoose: A collaboration between the UNSC and the Swords of Sangheilios. The resulting vehicles have red paint and a pink shield that encompasses the vehicle but not the driver. The Gungoose would shoot Plasma Grenades. Req level 4.
Rammer Mongoose: This would have a ram on the front that does extra damage on impact and EMPs vehicles. Req level 2 (Mongoose) and 3-4 (Gungoose).
Rocketgoose: Replace the Grenade Launchers with Rocket Launchers… Awwww yeah! Req level 4.
Retro Gungoose: The H2A Gungoose. It would have a weak machine gun instead of the Grenade Launchers. Req level 3.
Halo 3 Mongoose: This would be a Mythic Mongoose from Halo 3. It would have a ludicrous top speed with slow acceleration and less armor and questionable handling at high speed. Essentially a port of the H3 Mongoose. Req level 1.

H2A Gungoose: Port with the SMGs. [lvl 2]

Hannibal Gungoose: Auto-Gauss turrets, secondary fire mode: a weaker version of the Hannibal Scorpion’s primary cannon [lvl 4]

Mine Goose: Lays landmines [like the ones in Halo 3; level 4-5]

Mother Goose: Basically the Queen idea someone mentioned in the Wasp version of this thread, but with the Mon/Gungoose