Mongoose Slayer Map playtesting!

Hello everyone, I’ve just forged a new map and I need some players to test it.

The map consists in a giant arena intended for vehicular battles in which 8 squads will battle for the victory.
The main feature of the map are mongooses: each team is composed of two players, one will drive the moongose, the other one will blast the opponents with rockets.

I need 16 players for playtesting since I need to test the map and balance the gametype with 8 teams on the map!

If you want to play, send me a friend req (my gamertag is Creditingmklive) and invite all your friends!

See you soon!

Sounds like a Slayer version of Rocket Race…

What happens when you die? Are you stuck without a Mongoose? Do you have to wait for a new Mongoose to respawn before you can reenter the fight?

We need some more info…

I have two gametype variants.

In Mongoose Doubles, each team has got two mongooses per base. Mongoose Doubles is intended for 8 squads of 2 players. The spawn for the vehicles is set at 1 sec, so you’ll always find a spare quad. There are 24 mongoose on the map (the gametype actually changes all of the vehicles into mongooses). When you die you’ll spawn in a safe area, here you can pick your vehicle or wait for your bro to repawn.

Mongoose Slayer is intended for 2 squads of 8 players. It is a variant of Bro Slayer, so you repawn is made easier.

In both gametypes your speed and jump height is decreased so to prevent camping. You spawn with rockets and fuel rod guns with infinite ammo.

Sounds pretty cool, I might be able to help you test it tomorrow.

I get on xbox at anywhere from 1:00 to 3:00 PM EST.