Mongoose is OP

Seriously! Every single time I try to run bravely run across an open field some yoink face runs me down! Last time I stood there and hit him with a frag grenade and it bounced right off!!

Did you expect the frag to stick?

what am i reading?

If you’re joking, this is pretty funny.

If you’re not… I… I don’t know what to say…

You sir, deserve a cookie. I love satire.

yeah i know, the frags dont even stick and the stickies dont even bounce off people!!!

Nerf it!

Nerf it!

Nerf it!

I hate when frags fail to stick 343 FIX ASAP!

I hate you. now I need new underwear because of laughing

This game is just a rip off of Mario Kart.

I’ve been having the very same problem.

Run faster…

H4 is OP