Mongoose and Warthog need to be heavier?

The Ghost hovers, so it’s never directly touching the ground. This makes it incredibly easy to fly over small rocks and rubble that would flip most vehicles.

The Scorpion is, well, the scorpion. Heavy, slow and not flipping over anything.

The Chopper does ride on the ground, but also has a boost function to get out of tough terrain.

The Warthog rides around on the ground but feels too light. The driving an handling of it are great, but when traveling over small rock or odd terrain, you can VERY easily flip your vehicle.

The Mongoose is similar to the Warthog. The only difference being it’s smaller size and having an even lighter feel to it.

As much as I love driving these vehicles around, I absolutely loathe the maps they’re on. They’re barely wide enough to fit vehicles on and when you do drive UNSC vehicles around, you have a tough time not flipping it over.

The poor mongoose is even worse, you sneeze at it and it flips.

All I’m suggesting is make the vehicles “Heavier” so that they’re more firmly planted on the ground.

Maybe also give the mongoose a speed boost? The damn thing has no protection whatsoever and it takes too long to drive away from someone shooting you. As a weapon less and defenseless vehicle, the least we could do is make that thing as zippy as it’s supposed to feel.



The goose has always been twitchy, it was a balancing mechanic for its speed. The hog needs some love though, that thing rolls like an atv, not a jeep loaded with a heavy turret and 1-3 soldiers that weigh nearly a ton each.


I find I have to take my foot off the gas in. Warthog when approaching and rise in the terrain.

The amount of time I’ve been loaded up in one on Launchsite, and absolutely trashed it onto the upper level when trying to make the first turn, is uncountable.

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I find myself always flipping the warthog even if i’m driving 0.5km/h. and because of that i usually avoid taking the warthog because its easier and more stable to kill without it.

I spoke in length about the feel of the Warthog during the Tech Previews. I was telling them that it needs to have a lot more of a weighted feeling when driving it and that they really ought to dramatically reduce the mid-air control feature or just remove it outright. It feels completely unnatural for the Warthog to feature it to such a degree.

It just seems really easy to destroy too. I really think it needs to be able to take a little more damage.

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You can control the warthog’s rotation mid-air. Generally you don’t get enough air time to make a major difference but it’s important. I absolutely agree about the warthog. It should have a lower center of gravity. I’m wondering if it’s tuned for wide open areas and not cramped lanes. It works well enough on the 4v4 sand map.

Maybe I don’t have enough time with the chopper but I’ve flipped it over a lot when trying to do a 180.

Oh yeah, and that self-destruct mechanism is beyond stupid as hell. WTF were they thinking with that? I was happy that The Act Man took notice of its stupidity and mentioned it in his feedback video as that hopefully will help get 343i’s attention to address it.

This was the biggest thing I noticed from the Beta.

It definitely feels far too “light” when driving around, but how easy it is to just shoot apart with an AR is a bit silly.

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I feel you. The hog should feel heavier.

Also I seem to be able to run over ppl with a mongoose more consistently than with the warthog. On occasions I’ve hit people and kinda took them with me on the hood without splatting them.
Makes me miss the “vehicle moves one pixel into you” Halo CE kill effect.

Ghost is fine, you tip boost once, touch an enemy, they die like flies.

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