Monetization scheme, and lack of content compared to all others halos infinite is the worst

the xp boost and challenge items shouldn’t be in the game, both items only exist because the challenge system and leveling is not even close to acceptable. the value of the battle pass is entirely misleading in pre launch promotion. there is zero freedom to playing what you want to play and halo has so many game modes that are great when you have the freedom to play what you want to, but now i dont want to play because i have no choice when i play which game mode and play with people that dont want to play those game modes or care if you win or lose. the customization is terrible there’s no customization unless you pay out the -Yoink!- to buy stuff in the shop and pay to upgrade the battle pass. the in game content is not bad but everything around it just feels like copy paste bs from the most greedy modern games. i dont think ill want to support xbox in the future if this is the type of care they have for their most famous ip. this was supposed to be a great game that would lead free to play games down a less greedy path but it seems it has done the exact opposite. what are yall smoking 343 it must cost a pretty penny. from the heart a fan sorely let down. i think this game can be great it needs to turn around fast or else it might turn into a terrible game