Monetization Poll

So I just scrolled through the forums and found two posts that are very different from the other.

$20 for an Armor set is not Ridiculous

$25 for the Rach Hazop set? Are you Serious?

And since we know 343 is monitoring these forums for feedback, lets give them a clear result.

  • $20 Is Fair For An Armor Set
  • $20 Is Ridiculous For An Armor Set

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  • User Thee_Bluejay wants another options so heres another option if you Dont care about Armor

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perfectly balanced poll that will surely give valuable information

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Imo a bigger issue is the forced bundling of cosmetics. It’s not that an armor set is 20$, it’s that if you want to get the helmet you’ve worn for the past 10 years it is 20$ because you’re forced to but it along with an ugly coating and a bunch of useless emblems etc.

Also the whole disgusting FOMO of it all.


I think a disproportionate amount of respondents on this forum will choose the “overpriced” option, which would be taken under consideration by 343i, but I don’t see how the poll itself isn’t fair. OP is just pointing out two different previous topics that pose opposite arguments for/against the price of monetization and creating a poll for people to voice their side of that.


5 bucks for a set of armor, tops. Any more and it’s a severe miscalculation or over-expectation of value, unless they start throwing more into the bundles.

$20 for a bunch of armor sets and a handful of cosmetics? Sure, I’ll bite. But right now? No thanks.


I’m one of the people that doesn’t really care one way or the other about the shop, it funds future development on the game which I’m very much looking forward to, that said, these cosmetics are easily overpriced, id have bought some of the yoroi stuff if it wasn’t 15$ for a belt.

Itd be a lot easier to stomache at half price or less I’d be willing to buy vehicle and gun models for sure too.

But so far the battlepass is the only appropriately priced thing on the shop.

How is it not balanced and how will it not give feedback to 343?

You either think their current pricing structure is fair or you don’t. The poll is going to show 343 and the higher ups that the vast majority of the users think the current pricing is extremely high. $20 is not worth it for a Helmet and maybe a shoulder piece and if we’re lucky a stance. That’s worth $10 max and even that’s pushing it.

I am not a pollster, but the whole point of a poll should be to give people an option between two, and both should be relatively fair.

This would be like having a poll and on one it says “everything should be free” and the other is “everything should cost $10 a pop” like you already know far ahead of time that it’ll be heavily skewed in one direction so the poll is just worthless basically.

There was a poll not too long ago about player collision, that is what a fair poll looks like.

Lets not even talk about the store for a second, imagine if the poll was between bringing the Mantis (Halo 4 vehicle, just so you folks know) back or not, do you seriously believe that it would be fair? It would be like 80% to 90% in favor and as such it makes the poll basically a waste of time.

that should’ve been the options then.

Not to mention that armor is a small part of the store, tons of cosmetics are not armor.

This poll is perfectly fair.

“Do you think the pricing is fair or not?”

How is that unfair? Your point is nonexistent.


That is literally the poll.

Is $20 too much or is it not too much.

Too much is not fair and Not too much is fair.


I voted that it’s fair. Because it is fair. I don’t think it’s a GOOD price or the CORRECT price for an armor set in the context of this game. But I’ve spent $15 on skins in other games before without blinking an eye. I know you all hate that this game is free to play, but it is. With the combined context of Halo customization and other games with similar models, I think $10 for an armor set would be better. But it’s their game. If no one buys it, they’ll drop the price. So don’t buy it and continue being vocal about the changes you want in a respectful way.

The better poll options would be:

Expensive lootboxes where you might get the armour.

Pay a high amount to make sure you get the armour.

That wouldnt accomplish much. It would simply be telling the devs to go back to H5’s system.


That’s just picking your poisons at that point, where’s option C

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So then you don’t think it’s fair. $20 would be fine like in Fortnite for Batman or Spiderman, but in Infinite it isn’t. All you get is a helmet a shoulder piece and maybe a stance. That’s not the same as a skin in Fortnite. Now if they gave us Buck or Johnson and we could play as them then it’d be worth the $20.

Let me give my bold predictions on the matter, it’ll be 90-95% in favor of the “not fair” option. It’ll only slant higher as time goes on.

Its unfair because its already predictable what the outcome will be. Even if you just added a third option that said “I don’t care, as long as its cosmetics” or something like that, it would be more useful.

Yes but what should the ideal prices be? No subtlety here. No way of knowing what the average person would like to spend for X cosmetic.

Regardless, 343i know how much they are making for each item, if they turn a good profit they will not care about the poll (as the store information is far more proportional) but it might be useful in terms of certain items that are never bought and so they decide to reduce the prices.

Yeah I spend 20 dollars twice and even I think it isn’t worth it.

I am one of those who has a huge FOMO problem though.

These polls even out over time. Although there may be a majority that chooses that its not fair because thats the common opinion. The current pricing is an unfair system. Your complaint is that people may have similar opinions.

The wordage might be ambiguous, but the premise of the poll is fair. It’s asking for opinions, not offering choices.