Monetization aside - The Battle Pass isn't the way to go with unlockables

Battle Passes are an unfortunate trend that will stick around for a while so I wont beat a dead horse regarding monetization tactics and the whole “They need to make money somehow” excuse.

Instead I wanted to focus on something a little different. Rewards. through in-game accomplishments and progression.

One thing that previous Halo games did right was the rewards players received for the time they spend playing how they wanted. Let’s take Halo 3 for example to start with. While the unlockables were limited at the time they felt very rewarding, not only because they were rewarded for certain achievements (Vidmaster challanges anyone?) it created bragging rights and a sense of accomplishment which added to the enjoyment for playing the game.

This continued on with Halo Reach as players would be rewarded with new unlockables as they gained experience towards their ranks , especially with the increase in CR requirements for the next level. This felt rewarding to those that invested time in the game by providing unlockables per CR rank. This system also followed suit in Halo 4 and Halo 5 although to a lesser degree with most of the unlockables locked behind REQ packs.

The point I am trying to make is that players feel more rewarded and respected for being rewarded for accomplishing achievements and investing their time towards a goal like reaching the next Spartan Rank. A Battle Pass just doesn’t do that, its always there in sight attempting to tempt you to stop enjoying your game to look at all the things you could get if you spend a little money, and a little more, and a little more etc. And then when you unlock everything on the pass, what then? Most people call it quits until the next pass is out and that in itself presents another issue them. Is your game rewarding to players enough to keep them engaged without a pass? or does your game only feel rewarding when a play spends money to be “rewarded”

My personal issue with Battle Passes is that they make me feel like I need to play instead of wanting to play… And when I feel like I NEED to play instead of just wanting to enjoy playing is when I quit playing the game.

Ideally what we would have is Halo 3 Ranking System for ranked play and Halo reach’s CR unlockables progression system maybe tweaked a bit to have specific unlockables behind tough accomplishments.

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