Monetary issues

I have no issues with the progression system, it helps to not make the game boring fast.

But my main issue is the monetary part, there are only few armor sets and helmets then please add in game currency that’s enough for the next battlepass, or if I have to pay for it every time make more exclusive armors and customizations for it amd REMOVE the pay to level up option. Battlepass is for playing the game, in all honesty and for the lack of better words the one thing that is truly disgusting is paying your way through a battlepass or similar passes that is for playing the game and ONLY for playing the game.

I’m sorry for my language use but it is my feedback on infinite.

I absolutely love the game and the mechanics are perfect as with the modes and ranked the game is perfect in every way.

But customization is among the worst of things I’ve seen when it comes to aquirin the armor pieces and colors.