Mona Lisa pt. 7-?

When are we going to be seeing them? This is the first time they’ve started a new motion comic without finishing the previous one, and The Mona Lisa was the one I was looking forward to the most.

Didn’t you see the episode saturday?

Saturdays it’s motion comics and things like that, sundays it’s fiction.

Last one I saw was episode 6. They haven’t even updated the Mona Lisa page to show episode 6 but I found it through searching.

… It’s the page for 1-9… Check the news… or archives… I don’t understand how you can’t find it. You must have a very short patience or something.

This site’s layout is pretty awful and I don’t read the updates. It should just be in the index for the episodes, but that only lists 1-5.

… You don’t read the updates.

You should start by reading them. The layout is not bad. It’s pretty easy to navigate. You should start exploring and reading instead of being so closed.

It’s a pity most of the updates are just terrible Forge screenshots instead of relevant content.

It reminds me of the BWU.

1-5. 6 is in the sidebar, no 7-9.

I shall not provide assistance.

I do have to say this, some kind of “Play All” function or direct playlist would be cool, rather than clicking each individual link. But granted Im sure when all is said and done, the Mona Lisa will become a single motion comic.

Cant wait for that DVD.

Part 7 is on the website now, but I have work now so I’ll catch it tonight. I’m really enjoying it so far. :slight_smile: