Momument to all your Sins?

Whos man enough to say they got it? None of you

I got it (Am i a man now?)

I have this achievement on 3 different accounts when I kept making free 1 month account until I could afford to get XBL Gold on my main account… It not exactly a hard achievement to get, Reach’s campaign was easy on Legendary.

I did. It really wasn’t too difficult. I just found myself utilizing plasma more than normal.
But the game felt badass, so it encouraged me to play badass. I found myself chief-rushing through elite filled rooms, ducking, strafing, jumping and bashing my way to the end. And that’s when it hit me, I learned to master Halo on Legendary just by generally being faster than the AI. Which sounds obvious but it’s a learning curve.

That achievement was fairly easy. Over the years Halo Legendary has become a joke, each game progressively got easier.

i want

iv completed every mission n legendary alone but it didnt give me the achievement :frowning:

didnt go for it

Got it a long time ago lol

I did it. The hardest parts for me was clearing the area before getting on the falcon on exodus and killing the field marshal on pillar of autumn.


Yes, I do! And everyone who says they have it and MEAN it, I’ll be checking!

So JK about checking, but I DO have it.

I am

Have it :fist:t3:

got it

I got it, and it wasn’t that difficult. I’m trying to get the Legend achievement on MCC, and H2 is so much more difficult. H3 will be a breeze, and I’m not looking forward to the Promethean sections of H4 but everything else will be a breeze. Reach was incredibly easy on legendary.