Molten has to be the worst map for TS

There is no way that someone anyone can tell me that Molten is a good map for TS. The spawns are absolute -Yoink-.

I play SWAT more often and I still agree that Molten is the worst map for spawns. No more molten for me.

Molten is by far the worst map I’ve played on in h5.

Very small

Honestly the size isnt even the problem, its the spawns

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> Molten is by far the worst map I’ve played on in h5.

Exactly, and being on the red team has the edge for swat, it’s bullshevic.

This. Just This.

Everything said here is just so true… friend and I were playing last night and thought the same exact thing. We actually had a few cases where we spawned by a teammate who was fighting someone the enemy shot an explosive barrel and we both died, I mean literally half a second after spawning, dead.

I find that the worst bid about molten is the spawns, including the starting game spawning! At the start they simply spawn TOO close! I can’t remember which team it is but whoever spawns on the other side of the corridor to the larva fall room should spawn on the opposite corner of the map to the other team! What do you think? OH and what team is it???:sunglasses:

They should’ve called it Grenade City since it’s mostly one pathway with narrow passages. The crappy spawns are the icing on the crap cake.

Molten is straight up garbage. They need to take it of the rotation like for real.