Mohawk centering and shop update are a joke… surely?

“Don’t worry though, we’ve busted out our protractors and will get these centered when Season 2 rolls around”

I don’t use these items and have no stake in it, but I have to point out that 3 months to fix a graphical error that in reality should take 10 mins is not normal.

I know this game is crumbling apart from other, more pressing issues, but the fact that someone told someone else to write up a section in the community update for this is… huh? :neutral_face: makes no sense.

It’s sort of like mailing a letter to get water delivered to you when you are standing next to a sink with a bucket.

Also you can’t update your shop to hold more items or sell items individually? I know amateur coders that can do this stuff… I’m getting really worried about 343 …


They responded with saying it “isnt High- Pri” which makes sense, BUT at the same time it should never have been messed up in the first place.

This situation just shows lack of review and quality assurance.
It brings up questions like, what is 343 doing to ensure quality?
Are they making all this “content” last minute and sending it out to try and appease the community?
Shouldn’t they have already had this content made and ready to go before hand? (Preemptive planning/ Roadmap???)
What is management doing to let things like this slip through?

It shows us that the cookie is crumbling for 343.


Well its evident that you know nothing about software development but keep complaining.


I’m really, really hoping that it’s an instance of cruel and unusual humor. It doesn’t really seem like it would take that long to correct the placement of an object, even with the notorious Faber tools in mind.

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I get this, I really do, but you’re talking about a roll-out, which is far from a 10 minute job.

It’ll take no more than 10 minutes to fix it, you’re right, but then to get that out to a public production environment it has to go through the same extensive testing as every other deployment. It’s a huge hassle. For this reason, they’ll be lumping it with the next update. It’s a software development constraint at its heart. Shoddy work from the start, but a totally reasonable fix/deployment plan.

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you dont even have to ever open model software to know the cyber visor thing takes like 5 seconds to center


These are the same people that never fixed the Shinobi armor in H5, I’m surprised they’re actually going to fix them.

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Concerning the shop:

Yes, it’s quite easy to adapt this when we’re talking about a HTML page or a full-fleged UI framework for native UIs. Unfortunately that’s not how the UIs in most games are built. Some engines contain similarily powerful UI markup tools but on custom engines it’s often not deemed worth it to do so. Anyway - this is what makes it a bit more of a hassle than it would be in a regular Desktop Application or Web App. It requires implementation work.

What the store team so far seems to be doing is playing with the prices and bundle contents (basically if you put only one item in a “bundle” you are selling an individual item. That’s what they can do without getting the engine guys involved (a.k.a. the actual programmers). Given the other issues the game has it stands to reason that more flexibility in the store UI is not deemed as important as many of the fixes that are required at the moment.

As for the whole centering of effects/attachments/etc. - I could understand if they said: ok, we’ll look into that but it won’t be in the next update as that is already in QA/certification and that would need to be restarted causing further delays to that update or other explanations that had to do with the process. Pushing it off for 3 months seems odd to say the least.


Maybe they shouldn’t implement cosmetics that require hot fixes. They should be server side assets that they can modify on the fly.

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They’re fixing the Mowhawk but not one mention about Jorge’s Grenadier Shoulder pad being textureless since the start


I sense most updates for this game will be based around new seasons. I also feel that Season 2s update will be bigger than the game itself.

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I’m pretty certain it is just the video game makers being petty and childish because their buggy, incomplete mess of a game wasn’t well received.

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yeah i doubt thatll happen dude

Theory: 343 Industries were forced by Microsoft to make Halo Infinite a live service title, and are intentionally doing as bad a job as possible out of spite. I refuse to believe Jim is too busy to realign two small things.

(Insert reply from someone who’s never written code in their life telling me I don’t understand coding)

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More than you apparently lol

Yeah… Except I work in a software company lol. Keep your head on child, you’ll learn something one day.

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Yeah, and there aggression definitely doesn’t help either. I could accept things are perfect if they were honest and non-aggressive about it. They definitely need to work on their PR as well as their quality control. A lot of their response have just added fuel to the fire.