Here’s hoping we see full mod support for the game on PC version. Been making a lot of scenarios in Arma 3 lately and with all the player made assets the game has literally no bounds. I’d love to see the community release graphic mods within the first 2 years of release like we see with elderscrolls games as well. This will ensure the game looks great for years to come. How good would id be if the community can recreate the entirety of the Halo franchise within the Slipspace engine. Welcome to PC 343.

I’m really looking forward to all the potential mods could bring to Halo on PC. I mean if it goes even further beyond than the likes of Halo: Custom Edition and things like that? How crazy would that be. To literally do whatever you wanted to and make the experience unique every time and fine tune it to your liking. I am so down for that.

Mods would be absolutely fantastic. I’d love to see modded NPCs in forge modes and first-person assassinations. Ya feel?

i think mods can make halo very funny

yes please, imagine what could be done with forge and mods. wouldn’t matter if 343 added ai or not, you know the first thing people will make a mod for is forgable ai, totally on board with that. as long as they can set up a way for campaign and forge to have mods but keep them out of matchmaking. maybe have mods be a toggled option for people setting up custom games.

I’d love Halo CE, Halo 2, Halo 3, ODST and Reach remade in the Slipspace engine. Would be awesome.