Modify Shield Recharge Rate in next patch? (If there is one)

I have seen many people complain, and I myself have noticed the problem, that in ZB shield recharge is WAYYY to slow. It takes 8 seconds from the last time you got shot until you have full shields. The “Shield Recharge Modifier” in custom settings only modifies how long it takes for your shields to go from 1% to 100%, not how long it takes from when you last got shot to when they START to recharge, which is the biggest problem. With 200% shield recharge rate it helps a little by reducing the 2 second recharge to 1 second (making a total of 7 seconds from the last damage you took to full recharge) but there still is that 6 seconds of being completely 1 shot that is unchangeable. Not to mention some “WTF” moments that will be presented by an opponent being one shot, and literally a second later being full shields (when on 200% recharge settings). This is compensated for a little bit by the bleed through, but it still is not optimal. Remember those 1 shots, that got back 5% of their shields before you him them and then you had to shoot them twice? Man that was annoying

IMO it should be like 1.5 to 2 second shield recharge time but have the time it takes for them to start recharging cut drastically, maybe from 6 seconds to 3 or 4. When the kill times got cut in half, it seriously broke the shield recharge rate. I still love ZB to death, and would take it over default Reach any day, but I think a lot of the community would appreciate optimal ZB settings.

edit: updated for more accurate info.

Being able to get back into the fight faster is a good idea.

I agree. they were too slow to begin with but now that the TU is making things play even faster we really need a change.

it’s almost faster to die, respawn, and sprint back to where ever you were than to wait for your shields to recharge.

I agree SO HARD!!

I hate how long it takes for your shields to start recharging. Keep the recharge speed, maybe up it by 10%, but make the time you need to stay in cover much shorter.


updated, now with more accuracy!