Modify objective games

Just throwing this out there because this has been an issue for as long as I can remember. Often times objective based games like CTF, territories, and now even Warzone have just become campfests for people to get lots of kills rather than actually win the game. This becomes a real drag for players like me who actually like to play the games objective.

I propose that 343 change the objective based games so that you either get very little exp, or no exp at all, unless your team actually wins the game by objective. Too many players just sit back and camp for kills knowing that it’ll get them a bigger exp boost than actually trying to win the game. This means that even if they lose the game they still win on an individual level by getting a big experience boost, so they have little incentive to help the team actually win.

Are you specifically speaking about Warzone and BTB objective? I also was under the impression that your experience was based primarily on whether or not you won or lost and secondarily where you placed on your own team.