Modernise the older Halo Forges

Halo 3s forge is very dated and shows it’s age, H2A has a severe lack of forge content, Reachs dull grey colour palette and 4 is underrated , I think they could use modernising to stop the forge from being repetitive and could do with a fresh coat of paint and more features across the board.

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You do realize the only “modernization” we’ll get is more Forge items right? These are supposed to be the original Forge styles with new items. The ONLY reason Halo 3’s Forge got updated to begin with was because it was infuriatingly impossible to design a good PvP map without Physics or Edit Coordinates.

H2A’s Forge has PLENTY to work with if you know how to Forge. I’ve managed to make several dozen H2A maps across my 3 profiles, I like the grind what can I say, also helps to have extra accounts to make up for the 50 file limit.