moderators problom

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I think there needs to be a moderator refresh as it seems there trying to antagonise people on the forms and are not doing there job of making the forms a safe places.
if they simple don’t like you or the topic they will ban you regales of what you have done. instead of supping people and trying to get people to learn from there mistakes they send you a copy and pasted message and block you post no matter if you give them good reason on how you didn’t brake rule they say you have.

I think the best way to fix this problem is to rest the mounters and have a forums background check before giving them mod and give them more rules to fallow and make thread called invtergason where a mod can move a post to so multiple mods can check it before action being taken so one cant just bully someone. and give plays for people to voice there concerns about a mod without that mod having power over them.