Mode Frequency in Quick Play

I really want to be able to press a “queue for anything button” and quickplay and ranked are basically that for me. Unfortunately, when 343 added attrition to quick play, they killed the playlist for me.

Now, I am not the kind of person who wants to quit games, and I would be okay with 1/6 games being attrition. After all, attrition is 1 of the 6 modes in quickplay. Unfortunately, that does not seem to be the case.

Here are my last 100 games of Quick Play:

  • Attrition: 35 games
  • CTF: 27 games
  • Slayer: 15 games
  • KOTH: 12 games
  • Strongholds: 8 games
  • Oddball: 3 games

Why does it look like Attrition is 1/3 of all games in quick play?! It’s a brand new mode! I do not want to queue for a 33% chance of playing my least favorite mode. Why do we get so few games of oddball and strongholds?

I’ve started to quit out of every single match of attrition, and somehow haven’t had a single ban yet. If the distribution of modes looks anything like this when they add land grab next month, I will not be playing quick play.

Please fix this, 343.

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