MODE Feedback – Last Spartan Standing

Now that Season 2 has been out and you’ve had some time with Last Spartan Standing, we want to hear your feedback on this game mode!

Remember to keep your feedback on topic and S.M.A.R.T:

S – Specific
M – Measureable
A – Actionable
R – Realistic
T – Timely

Some areas we’d love feedback on:

  • Win conditions
  • Scoring/Objective progress
  • Gameplay on maps

Let us know what you think!

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Please remove the power ups like invisibility and overshield from this gamemode.


Yep. Camo needs to go.

As for OS. I think it could stay if it was a nerfed a bit.

I agree with the previous posters. The mode feels too defined by Active Camo and Overshield in its current state.

Also imo, the jump from level 1 (Sidekick + Disruptor) to level 2 (Mangler + Disruptor) feels like a questionable ‘upgrade.’ In most circumstances I prefer the Sidekick over the Mangler.

In my opinion this gamemode is realy bad, especially becauce it is very biased, because:

  • the gamemode in my experience seems to have the very loose SBMM that BTB has. But FFA won’t work with big skill gaps, since you don’t have a team to compensate. FFA should have a very strict SBMM.
  • you get better weapons the more kills you get. This makes it so the already big skill gaps are made even bigger.
  • the immense amount of overshields and active camo’s make it even more unbalanced. An OS is way to powerfull in FFA.

These three combined makes it so that if you’re not the best player in that match, you have to fight against someone who is clearly better skilled, has better weapons and an OS or AC. This just makes it impossible to fight back and just a extremely frustrating experience. And if you are the better player, it’s just very unsatisfying that you are basicly handed a win (unless you get wreckless ofcourse). Way to much matches end with 2 players getting 10+ kills, a couple get 3-5 kills and the rest getting 0 or 1 kills. It’s just unbalanced.

I would remove the ‘ranking up guns’ part in this gamemode, since it just makes skill gaps bigger and for the rest fighting back useless. I have seen people just throwing themselves off the map, because they rather do that then give away free kills. Just let people fight it out with AR+sidekick (and being able to find commando’s on the map) or with a BR (with being able to find AR’s on the map).

In my opinion this type of gungame only works as a stand alone mode, where you get lesser guns after every kill and you only win if you get a kill with the last gun in rotation. This will lessen the differences, so the lesser players at least get a chance of getting some kills too (even though they still won’t win obviously).

On top of that:

  • Not everybody spawns in a ‘hiding’ place, some spawns are without any real cover and are basicly traps.
  • The final dual is often when the zone is closest. When you had a live remaining, you spawn out of the zone and first have to walk back while you shields are already getting depleted. This makes the fight unfair, since your opponent still has full shields.
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personally, i think the gamemode needs some alterations— other than that, its a (kinda)good gamemode

The game mode is fun, but the powerups lead to a snowball effect with those that are in posession with them. I.e. someone with active overshield cannot be approached as they go get another overshield. There needs to be at least a warning ahead of time when the powerups drop so everyone knows when theyre dropping. This will give players a chance to compete for them instead of just running into them accidently by chance.

Overshield & Active Camo need removing as it makes the gamemode really unbalanced

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Maybe even drop in a random, higher tier weapon (a bulldog or BR) once or twice a match instead of all of the equipment.

I tend to skip the first level up to hold on to the pistol instead too.

It’s a decent mode though.

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Remove fragmentation from the rotation or have the zone start coming a lot faster on it because I often find myself running around meaninglessly on that map because it’s so big I’m just looking for players.
The zone should close faster in general, at 7 players when the danger zone isn’t incoming is too much, high power maybe doesn’t need this IMO.
Edit cuz I thought of some more.
Some people are saying that weapons could drop
in drop pods as well, I think that they should have a little bit higher of a system, like you should hear the announcer say “BR incoming! and have the BR drop more marked, but it take double the amount of time a bonus XP takes to claim and would vastly decrease in frequency later on. Obviously not as realistic as the rest of the list but still. Although I like the choice on no power weapons some people don’t although that would be very unbalanced, my thought is that that they should drop in like this more weighted to later on in the game.
Bonus XP based off the level of the person you’re getting it from. So if a person is at level 1 and you eliminate them you get 200 XP, Level 2 300 XP, Level 4 400 and so on. This info should probably be shown so that people who come across the bonus XP pick the right one.