MODE Feedback – King of the Hill

Now that Season 2 has been out and you’ve had some time with King of the Hill , we want to hear your feedback on this game mode!

Remember to keep your feedback on topic and S.M.A.R.T:

S – Specific
M – Measureable
A – Actionable
R – Realistic
T – Timely

Some areas we’d love feedback on:

  • Win conditions
  • Scoring/Objective progress
  • Gameplay on maps

Let us know what you think!


I know, what im suggesting now is not very popular.
I would remove the radar also in social for KOTH.
Map Behemoth in social: Remove the aerial vehicles for KOTH


Or just not have KOTH on Behemoth, especially for a 4v4. Behemoth feels like a map made for 8v8 which fits nowhere in Infinite’s current design.

Too big + vehicles for 4v4, too small for 12v12.


I would like to:

  • return to the old style KOTH, where you get a point for every second your spends in a uncontested hill and where the hill moves every 60-120 seconds.
  • Behemoth is removed from KOTH. That map is just way to open and the vehicles also make it unbalanced.
  • See the return of the medals from getting a kill from inside the hill and for killing someone who’s in the hill. Now there is just ONE medal for this mode (stay in it for 30 secs) and that one is very hard to get unless the match is very one-sided.

I agree with the person above. Return to the classic KOTH.

The new one is not as much fun (chasing a Hill that moved around the map every X seconds was FUN) and perhaps you think it is fairer now but it’s really not. The enemy team can camp in the Hill until capturing it, while you get killed and spawn far away from it, and thus you have bad chances to take it from them when your entire team consists of only 4 people!

… compared you know… to 8 people! In the older Halos even if a couple of your team mates were killed, there were 6 more trying to take the Hill. Now if one or two die and spawn far away form the Hill, the rest two will have a hard time defeating an entire enemy squad.

Also, why the Hill doesn’t have its rotating animation anymore or its gong sound effect? Looks like a lazy implementation and the poor cousin of the classic KOTH.


I’m actually enjoying the new Hill scoring system.

It creates moments of tension within the game.

I like it a lot more than the moving Hill. There’s nothing worse than gaining control of the Hill, setting up a defence, and having the Hill randomly move (somewhere closer to respawning opponents).


Win conditions and Scoring/Objective progress:

  • remove the “discrete” scoring system: bring back halo 3 style scoring and in conditions where you’d gain 1 point per second and the first team to reach 200 points (or whatever it was) wins the match. The hill rotates on its own after a certain amount of time.

Agreed, old KOTH has better back and forth as well as “comeback” potential. In this regard, I’d even say Strongholds right now is the better KOTH in practice.

Personally, I’d rather we have old KOTH back and remove both Strongholds and New KOTH entirely. I’m really sorry 343, your innovations really don’t cut it. Just stick to what worked for 20 years. Please, please and thank you


I agree with almost everything, except - why remove Strongholds? It’s a new mode that doesn’t ruin any of the old ones. But yeah, 343i should stop with their innovations on already established gameplay and stick to stuff that worked for 20 years. Moreover, KOTH doesn’t only need its old rules, but also the Hill rotating animation and sound effect. They’ve butchered a classic mode in all possible ways.

Strongholds isn’t fun. It’s literally KOTH with extra steps, so why not give us classic KOTH.

I’ll tell you why Strongholds was made, along with all these other innovations 343 has come up with:
They’re making these changes or gamemode designs to artificially extend the duration of a match, instead of making a natural cause for conflict between teams

And you wanna know why they’re doing this? Esports. They’re making the game more “watchable” than “playable” and I will never stand by that. Playing a game has to be fun first before it’s worth watching. Can’t get this right and you have an Esports game sitting on a shaking foundation of a community which is uninterested.

And let’s be real, the real reason why the Halo Infinite had viewership on Twitch was because of the drops.

Wanna know an example of a game like this? Heroes of the Storm. Very watchable game, but in practice, in solo queue ranked or even Quick match? It’s torturous to play.

So… 6v6 (aka Squad Battle) sounds appropriate to me.

I still prefer the roaming hill from Halo 5.

Not the random appearances of the hill, but the steady plodding movement of the hill as it traverses the map on a set path.


I agree with your medals recommendation.

This doesnt make sense to me. surely only scoring 1 point per hill in koth gives you a better chance to come back? The problem i haves is perhaps the hills capture time is too short as they dont have enough battles to fight over it. But there are also times when no one is capturing the hill because people are scared to make the first move. A hills capture bar should shrink when uncontested for more than 10 seconds. could lead to some interesting moments.

I like all of the modes. strongholds focuses on 3 hills, land grab focuses on 2 hills(even thouugh theres 3, its really hard to get 3.) And then you have koth which focuses on 1 hill.


King of the Hill has always been my favorite game type within the Halo series! I am very grateful to your 343i team for bringing it back.

However, the decision to change the classic KoTH scoring system to the all-or-nothing 3-point method is very unwelcome. It has been the same for so many years, and the community has always loved it. Why change now?

I played in a KoTH match recently where my team actually accumulated more time in the hill overall than our opponents, but with the new all-or-nothing scoring system it looks like we got crushed: we lost 3-1. Not cool!

The 343i team said that the “classic scoring system” will still be available in custom games. From my perspective, it should probably be the other way around: keep the KoTH scoring method that everyone has loved for over a decade. If the competitive community wants BR-only starts and the new all-or-nothing scoring system, they can easily run it in their custom games.


It’s called disrespect.

They can still co-exist even if some people don’t like it. The important thing to take is that Strongholds does not ruin any classic mode, because it’s a new one. I personally like it because it is similar to team battles of Star Wars Battlefront II


I really like this new king of the hill. I especially like it in ranked where the hill spawns are set locations and not random. Gives teams a chance to set up for the next “round.” And with the new scoring it helps prevent the match from snowballing so you are never truly out of the game with no chance to come back until it is over. At any point you can gain make control, set up around the hill and defend while one person is inside.


Strongholds is a significantly different territory-based mode than (the classic) KotH mode. And in my opinion it’s a significantly more balanced and competitive experience. To me, it’s not even close.

The new twist on the classic KotH has arguably lent it a bit more of a balanced and competitive component, so from that perspective I can appreciate it; though, perhaps they should’ve labeled the mode something slightly different than just KotH which conjures thoughts of the classic version (with a set hill rotation).

And if 343i were to introduce KotH to a social FFA (Rumble Pit) playlist then the classic crazy version, with random hill locations, would seem most appropriate to me.

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That’s the whole deal with everything isn’t it? The game stopped being about fun, but keep forcing rules upon itself to become “balanced”, which is more important for things like Esports over the casual community just playing the game to have fun with the game.

From the strict internal CSR to the reworked game modes, Halo is straying further and further from what it was in the past as a game first and foremost rather than a tool for competition.

Needing Balance in order to have fun is such a ridiculous notion since balance will never be a thing in any game or any sport due to how humans are fundamentally different ever so slightly, which is why video games in particular often have many inbuilt factors which makes the game “not so balanced” in order to give the players a better time playing even when against the odds.

Examples can be simply given by why having a large weapon sandbox is great for a game:
By introducing different types of guns, you have some guns stronger than others and in the hands of differently skilled players will result in different outputs of damage. And the only factor which dictates who gets what gun is the rule of the Arena : you pick it up first, you get to hold this gun with all its benefits and drawbacks.

That’s the philosophy of Halo and Arena shooters in general that 343 doesn’t seem to get. That’s why every Halo released by 343 feels inferior than the 20 year old Halo 3/Reach


The new KotH is not more balanced!

The enemy team can now camp on the Hill until capturing it, because the Hill will stay there until captured! If you and another team mate get killed, you are forced to spawn far away from the Hill, leaving only two of your team mates trying to get it back and they’ll probably get killed until you arrive (because 2 vs 4) and so the loop goes on until the enemy scores.

It didn’t matter much in teams of 8, where even if two players got killed, there were another 6 trying to get the Hill! And it certainly didn’t matter when the Hill would move around every X seconds. And it certainly was more fun chasing a Hill in big maps with teams of 8 and on vehicles (which are now a scarcity), and even more fun when the Hill hologram had at least a rotating animation and a loud gong sound effect.