Modding in the MCC and where it could go from here

With official mod tools rolling out pretty steadily over the last few months, various members in the community have made some amazing stuff. Also, I would like to make note that it is easier than ever to fix mods that are broken by updates in the MCC because of how tags are set up in the mod tools. All of the strides 343 has taken for modded content have been great but I think they can be even better. To really propel the MCC over Custom Edition I think 343 needs to find a way to implement easy map downloads within the custom games browser. Imagine looking through the cgb seeing an interesting map name and just being able to download the map through the game and play as soon as it’s ready. Another point that the “Vengeful 'Vadam” brought up in one of his videos is that 343 could make some sort of server renting services for modded maps to be running 24/7. Hopefully, a lot of these ideas are already being addressed by 343 because I feel like a lot of people in the modding community would be onboard with this.


I’d like to see PC Halo go one step further and introduce community servers, Counter Strike: Source and other games in the Source engine are kept alive by the community & their creations, I’ve logged so many hours playing Jailbreak & Zombie Escape, Halo would benefit by giving the modding community a place to show off their creations to a wider audience.

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