Modding community (something I "came" across) 343 look :DD please..

Okay… for most of you when I say modder you’ll think MW2 lobbies… aimbots… CHEATING… things that hurt gameplay and fun. When I think of it I think of creativity… ingenius… breakthroughs… I’ve had a lot of fun modding. In fact if you look up modding Halo Reach on youtube you’ll see a lot of people having a fun time:) But there’s a problem with this. We modders love having fun. We… have to break or crack the game’s security in order to do it though:( This… sometimes leads to people who want to boost their stats coming online with their aimbots… something that 98% of the modding community doesn’t condone. We don’t like them either. If 343i or -Yoink!- would just give us a way to mod… but make it so it’s only offline (as in… give us a disc without any checksums on it… but without access to matchmaking… and then a disc with the checksums on it… that’s the retail disc… no one would decrypt that retail disc because no one who has the talent would want the possibility of hacks online… and even then, why would they look into it other than the challenge?). We’re here for creativity… and we would love a healthy relationship between the modding community and Microsoft.

A quote from someone:
A tool to mod the maps for the 360 honestly wouldn’t be that different from their pc mod tools. The problem is that the only 2 options for getting the maps working on retail would be either burning them to a disk (which would need a modded disk drive), or creating a LIVE/PIRS container(there is no way they would let you sign those), and both would need to be able to sign the .maps with Bungie’s rsa key. So it’s more than likely never going to happen.

My response
Exactly… unless they made a specific map that was signed by a different key than any other map… maybe just make a Mod disc… and it would allow you to save the .maps to your flashdrive (they wouldn’t be encrypted or anything) so you could mod them and then load them from the mod disc off of your flash drive… but this would be a different disc alltogether… no matchmaking… just custom games, forge, and campaign… maybe theatre if the engine would support it… A real time editor would be a nice addition too… but let’s face it… there’s no way they’d do that for us… I mean… in the end we cracks their code… but it leads to bad things usually online… if they just gave us a mod disc for offline… I mean HONESTLY I think all of the people who actually do the cracking and whatnot don’t condone Matchmaking aimbots… and lobbies… ect. This would give them a reason not to decrypt everything or w.e… and if they did… they wouldn’t release it publicly… this would be a win for -Yoink!- because they get a public relations thing with us… their service is left intact… well it isn’t penetrated by modders:)

And with all of the “reset” consoles that are going to be flying around… all it would take is a single rebooter with those hash checks fixed or stealth patched… sorry with the ability to go online and all hell breaks loose… I don’t know… I just wish they’d help us out here… we’re here because we want to have a good time and be creative while doing it… and don’t want to be confined by what the games limitations are (okay… that’s me anyway) soo would a mod disc really be that hard to write?

Is this… a possibility? Because… I have had some of the best times in customs… and in Halo 3 on modded maps… I’m sorry if no one here was able to have as good a time as I in regards to the modding community… I wish you could’ve been there… we had so much fun… no one had a bad time… no one’s fun was ruined… please 343, would you do this for us?

The rules clearly state:
Do not discuss modifying or hacking content on an Xbox console.
On this forum.

> The rules clearly state:
> Do not discuss modifying or hacking content on an Xbox console.
> On this forum.

INB4CLOSE?! :smiley: Read the rules man!!

- Jason Garwood