Modded Gametypes

Back on the Xbox 360, Halo 4 had a few modded gametypes that were created by us Halo fans, like “Clue” and “Salvation”, that were Custom Games exclusives. Now, with Halo 5, do u think that 343 is gonna allow us to create these kinds of mods again? Which one was your favorite from Halo 4? Post your thoughts here!

I liked the idea of those modded game types way more than I ever liked the reality of playing them, but I think they definitely point in the right direction. The glimpses we’ve had so far of Halo 5 forge make me hopeful that we’ll see all kind of flexibility and new capabilities - game type customization being just one of them.

<mark>I’m gonna give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you’re referring to stuff created in-game, but…</mark>
<mark>A “modded” gametype is one created with third-party tools, outside of the game. Modded content is a violation of the Xbox LIVE terms of service, and we can’t allow it to be discussed here. Creating it can get you permabanned from LIVE, and distributing it can earn you a Halo File Share ban.</mark>
<mark>Custom Games created entirely in-game are just gametypes, or “game variants” if you want to use the technical term. Those are totally cool to discuss.</mark>
<mark>Now, I gotta lock this thread so that we don’t get a bunch of people talking about actual mods, but if you want to make another thread with better wording, feel free. :slight_smile:</mark>