Modded Commendation Progress

I couldn’t find any proper contact way to do this but someone on my friendslist “Rise Kanji” has 100% commendation progress but on the profile there is no progress in either matchmaking or campaign. I just want to bring this to the attention of any staff member or may see this .

Yeah, I’ve seen quite a few of those in my day. Makes me angry that I’m about a month away from my 100% commendation progress, and then there are these guys who do stuff like this.

Here’s some more of them for your entertainment:

Among others that I just can’t remember.

But yeah.

I think you may find these guys are rank resets. I know and have played against one of the guys you listed and he has had his rank reset for breaching the rules. They can strip you of rank and kills but they cant apparently strip you of commendation progress.
he posted this last year about it. here

Can one of the mods confirm. Snickerdoodle. have you seen this.

They are all modders (at least in terms of commendation progress) based on the fact that XXSAVIORS0ULXX was reset, and his gameplay time wasn’t reset on his Halo Account.

Not that it matters anymore (They haven’t played in years). But still, let’s examine how much time legit you’d have to play to achieve… Perfectionist.

Looking strictly at commendation progress, Perfectionist is the one that straight up gives it away with all of them. If you consider in one game of Arcade Fight lasts roughly 15-20 minutes (We’ll say 15 minutes to be fair) then to get 32,639 (Max that 343 counts), it would take about 10880 games (32,639 / 3, because 3 is the max perfections you can get in one game of Arcade Fight) . So 10880 games at 15 minutes gives us 163200 minutes, or about 113 days you’d have to play just to get ONE commendation that much maxed out. Considering none have even passed 100 days, it’s a clear give away. Lol. Besides even if they were rank reset, there is no way they could play that many days without hitting Inheritor again even after being rank reset.

Again, not that it matters, but I’m so close to hitting 100% commendation progress and there is no way I would ever play 113 days of just Firefight. Lol!

No real reason to reset them at this point (Haven’t played in years) and Halo: Reach has been out for 5 years, but still, kinda annoying spending 4 years trying to hit 100% when there are people out there (met one 3 months back) who do this and max them all out. :frowning:

I’m off my rant now.