Mod support for halo wars and halo wars 2

I know its very unlikely for this to happen but its worth getting the thought out there. The halo wars series has been left in the dust, and it still has a very strong community. Since 343 has basically confirmed that they dont plan to be working on the game anytime soon because their teams are dedicated to MCC and infinite, which is completely understandable. They should give the community full on mod support akin to what they did with skyrim. With a mod tab being selectable on the main menu where you’re able to download and activate mods at will. This would not only give the game MUCH more longevity for people playing it, but could convince people who would otherwise not even consider buying a halo RTS, to try it out when they hear they can play as the all powerful flood. Like i said i wouldn’t expect this idea to be implemented at all but it would be great to see with such a passionate community.