Mod Support for Consoles (How it Could work)

With 343 continuing to update mod support with steam workshop on the way I cant help but feel 343 hasent treated mods not just on console but there own storefront on windows as well

343 is expanding mod support but pretty much says " were promoting mods but you have to buy the game on a platform that isint even ours sorry if you have no prior knowledge purchasing from the wrong store"

I Dont know if its a 343 thing or more a microsoft thing but with how much xbox has expanded I think were not in the realm of impossible, heres a rundown for how mods on console and windows store could work

  • A Mods Section on MCC Main Menu

343 could follow the road of bethesda mods on fallout and skyrim where when mods are activated, Acheivments and matchmaking are disabled all with a load order and a system that backs up original files

  • A Mods File Broswer

343 should either enlist bethesda to create a mod browser in game and online given there experince carrying over mods Available in Steam Workshop

Or Microsft Creates there own mod section for xbox on PC and console so it still gos through the developers

I think mods is very much possible on console and its more a microsoft reason why they havent done it, or 343 hasent found time but in anycase mods will save this game in the long haul on console well keeping infinite the future of halo well we can return to a tinkered with past

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