Mod Support Coming to Xbox

Hey 343, Why hasn’t mod support come to The Master Chief Collection yet? I love Halo and have played it all my life but this is just unfair. Mod support has been out on PC for over a year now and nothing has happened with Xbox. Halo has been an Xbox title since its creation back in the 2000s and it feels like ya’ll at 343 have left us on Xbox behind if you added Mod support to xbox everyone in the xbox community would be so grateful. Please 343 consider this. Do what Bethesda has done with Fallout and Skyrim and add mod support like that. Please 343 that would literally mean everything

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Mod support for Fallout and Skyrim is so half -Yoink!- on console. You can’t download the big expansions that teams of people make. It would be amazing to download fully custom campaigns and maps to console, but I am sure there is a lot of red tape. When the mod tools are completely released heavily considering making the switch.

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Bethesda’s console mod support is about the best level consoles can get, the real big stuff you’re referring to generally relies on script extension.
But I really wish they’d make special editions of more of their terribly running titles tbh.

As for Halo I think we should at least get Custom Edition map support as the PC version has.

But I don’t see why modded map and gamemode support for 2-4 wouldn’t be feasible as well.