Mobile Autocorrect Broken (only on these forums)

I have no problems with my autocorrect anywhere else, under any other circumstances. I had no idea this was even possible (I thought autocorrect was processed locally, but maybe not?)

the he autocorrect is so atrocious it’s almost unbearable, and it only happens on the Waypoint forums. It regularly corrects words that are already correct, and in some cases turns them in to words that don’t even exist. It decapatilizes words for no reason, and will even go so far as to add words in entirely that I never typed.

Does se anyone else experience this issue or know why this is happening?

i use iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1

As an example, see my post above. Three lines from the bottom, an “se” was added for no apparent reason. I didn’t type that. It was autocorrected in. Also, second paragraph, “he” was added in. Along with the lack of capitals where they should be, were autocorrected.

Again, the issue is exclusive to these forums. Its very frustrating.

Is there some other place I could post this where the web devs might see it?

i have to agree with you on this

I use an iPhone 6 as well, but I haven’t seen the issues you are talking about… I am on iOS 9.1 though, does this still happen to you after updating?

For kicks and giggles (I’m bored) I even typed up your original post, and the only problems I had was the second paragraph didn’t capitalize automatically, and I had a hard time getting “decapitalizes” to not autocorrect… :wink: