MnK player trying controller

So I decided to grind out the onyx rank in the open playlist solo on MnK (idk why either), and at a certain point I noticed that when I was dueling a controller player I stood little to no chance. After getting onyx I decided to try out controller to see what it was like, and wow. The aim assist for weapons like the BR, AR, Sidekick, and Shock rifle are crazy strong. I’ve not touched a controller since 2017, but I instantly felt untouchable when I had a BR or AR on the sticks. I know that this game isn’t meant for mouse and keyboard, but after playing a few games on controller, I can’t see why anyone would want to handicap themselves so harshly with MnK. I’m not necessarily calling for a nerf to aim assist but I genuinely don’t understand how people think it’s hard to aim with a controller in infinite.

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Yeah they need to add more of something on mnk. Make it easier or something.

Wish I had your problem. Been on controller for 20 years and half the matches I play it feels like the AA is pushing me away from my intended target regardless of what gun I use. The sniper and skewer are completly unusable for me because of that

It also tracks and turns off at the worst possible times causing me to lose fights that I started with a huge advantage only for my reticle to yeet of target at the last moment and I die to a player who has no shields.

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I’ve noticed that there seems to be a sharp cutoff for aim assist from my little time playing, once you stray a little off the target you instantly get zero aim assist instead of a gradual decrease which I’ll admit is a little jarring, however maintaining target has been mostly very easy for me. I’m not sure if this helps, but I googled the best controller settings and used those when I was trying out controller, maybe your issues are tied to your controller settings?

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Still to this day people will never understand that controller and M/KB are in any way NOT evenly matched.
I played a game of swat and we lost all from one player on there team who had 38 kills. Went into theatre mode to see if he was cheating but it was clear the way he was able to 180 his veiw and basically snap to players with ease was proof that he was on M/KB and controllers couldn’t stand a chance.

Can’t believe I’m this old and I’ve heard it all now, that even now M/KB players are complaining about how good! Controllers! Are!

It’s simple to say that an easy fix is to turn off crossplay and input.

If PC and console, M/KB and Controllers can’t play fair against each other then they shouldn’t play at all. So it doesn’t matter what you play with or on, if this or that is better or worse.

It’s clear to say that ever since crossplay has been pushed down our throats by game companies I for one am tired that I can’t play the way I want to.


I agree that in SWAT, MnK has the advantage, however, in a game where tracking is paramount to success in your duels, controller will almost always be the better option, especially with heavy aim assist as is the case with infinite. I noticed that you can almost ignore the other player’s strafing on controller, where on MnK it’s much more difficult (not hard, just harder than controller). If I can go years without touching a controller, then suddenly start hitting perfects while hardly moving my right thumbstick, there’s an issue haha

Swat, melee, impeccable accuracy, turn speed, vehicles, strafe speed, raw instant input are all advantages of a MnK. They also have magnetism.

Controller in infinite has low aim assist and magnetism. Controllers are only good when it comes to medium ranged engagements vs a mouse, lets be honest here mate.


Being entirely honest, Controller is much easier (for me) than MnK, where in most other games I do not feel this way.

I don’t mind crossplay, or mixed inputs. I get to test my skill against the best both have to offer, and climb my way up. I have been destroyed by MnK and Controller alike. I have also done the destroying. It’s entirely dependent on skill and time more than anything. A lot of these people have been using controller for 20+ years, I am pretty sure they got it mastered.

Another thing is… loads of fellow MnK players play twitch shooters, and haven’t really relied on stable aiming. That’s why it’s so good in swat.

For sure, I’m not expecting to beat halo players that have been playing for much longer than me, and yeah on MnK I usually do get the first shot but my tracking could certainly use work, only area of frustration for me is knowing that my opponent isn’t trying as hard to track when they’re on controller as I am when I’m on MnK. I’m not expecting anything to change, they really can’t lower aim assist without it feeling terrible imo but it’s just frustrating sometimes haha

Saying it easier would be more accurate. Saying you can’t believe people struggle is not a good statement though. There are people who’ve mastered the sticks and people who haven’t. Within this "easier input " still exists a skill range of players from bronze players all the way up to your 2000s onyx players. Their aim is not at all the same even despite you noticing it being easier. Of course it’s not only aim that gets you to the higher tiers of skill…but no one is getting anywhere near that without the mastery of the sticks to do the most basic thing in an fps game. To shoot enemies and hit your shot.

It is a valid point to make the distinction for the 2 inputs. I don’t see it ever changing in terms of modifications to aim assist. During the first flight, a very small portion of us liked how aiming felt and the level of aim assist. Others jumped into the forums to make an outcry. Aim assist doesn’t exist. Aiming feels off. Aiming feels terrible. Mnk will rule the world.

Somehow…not many mnk users came to voice their opinions on this mater. Nowbere NEAR as much as we see right now where the consensus of you guys is aim assist is too strong, here’s my data points.

So the result? They buffed aim assist from the flight. We are where we are today DIRECTLY due to the feedback given when feedback mattered the most. So what can we expect now? Idk if it will revert back…idk if it reverting back would be enough either.

Input filters are what we really need…and when it comes to esports stuff…man a separate league should just exist. The 2 inputs won’t ever be fully balanced. We have to accept that basic reality. The gap between them can perhaps be tightened, but the ideal perfect 50 50 balance I believe is actually impossible.

Yeah I probably should have left that out, and I agree an MnK league would be great to see. As for the flight stuff, I didn’t play on controller then and had no idea it was lower than what it is now, did it feel good?

Controller using PC or Xbox?

This is the issue. To some of us it felt great. It felt challenging but rewarding to see 50% accuracy and above. I myself sat a solid hour getting the perfect settings to smooth my aim shooting the bots, weapon drills, then had a steady consistency In my accuracy.

To players just expecting to hop on and dominate that stopped playing halo for years though? They struggled HARD. So many topics of " I was a 50 in halo 3, aiming is garbage and aim assist doesn’t exist" like basically saying that and not understanding exactly that their aim problems aren’t only because aim assist was lowered.

So the problem comes from the social players just generally not having the high gun skill and mastery if the sticks, and the people who think if I’m good at this halo I should be the same in this one.

The reasons aiming felt more difficult to these guys was the actual settings of the game itself too though. In halo 3 for example, social and standard ranked did not play as the tournament settings or mlg playlist did. What does this mean?

Base movement speed is 10% lower than that of tournament settings. Strafe acceleration was very apparent. It’s easier to hit a slower target right?

Damage was lower by 10%. People have this perceived reality that it took more skill to 4 shot…when the reality was that the BR spread inconsistencies lead to tournament settings increasing damage to mitigate the issue.

Shield recharge rate is 10% faster than that of tournament settings.

Motion tracker enabled in standard, disabled In tournament mode and very select playlists.

What do we have in infinite? A 1 size fits all, to where they only changed spawn loadout, give a weaker motion tracker and left everything else the same. The aim assist issue would have never been felt the they they did had we had 2 different settings across social and competitive. Hell they didn’t even TEST competitive.

But yes it was lower in the flight and to some of us it felt fine. We’re 2 different crowds though. I play nothing but 4v4 ranked. Lots of them played social. What’s the issue? That 343 is full of incompetent employees that didn’t realize had we had 2 separate playlists we would have the ideal experience and settings for the 2 to differentiate them enough to where 1 really FEELS social and the other doesn’t.

Theres a reason why halo 3 holds such a special place in many players hearts, and a great many of them probably never even knew this was why.

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Only played on PC so I can’t speak on the experience for Xbox players

The game doesn’t show other players input method how can you tell who’s using what?

usually I either look at match recordings or the turn speed of a player after they kill me. 99% of the time you can tell the input method based off how a player turns, usually controllers are a smoother and slower turn, MnK is usually faster and less smooth.

For the first time in competitive FPS gaming history, controllers are “better” than M&KB. Right…

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Pc gamers are getting more and more of crybabies as time passes. So obnoxious and toxic.