MMR being used to match other players over Comp rank

So I’ve been noticing every time I do good in diamond from dropping 20 kills or going even slightly positive I get matched up with other diamonds who are significantly better and are playing at an onyx level. I’ve heard some people like snipedown say they’ve had trouble getting out of diamond because of MMR based matchmaking in ranked. This absolutely ruining valorants ranked system and idk why this is in halo instead of matching people up purely based on ranks.

You may have a point, but any time I play against someone playing above their rank, I just assume it’s because it’s early in the season and players haven’t settled in to their actual rank.

It’s funny you mentioned Valorant. It’s almost as if they lifted the ranked system mechanics straight from that game. While I’ve had no trouble climbing, I don’t agree with MMR. It makes the ranks entirely pointless by having people at the same skill level at different ranks. Your skill actually ends up being represented by an invisible number.

About 2 weeks in its still the same tbh I am high diamond and have barely seen any onyx players only high plats and mid to high diamonds

If you don’t care too much about your KDA, you can always get smoked by bots for a while to lower your MMR, so you’ll go up against easier players in Ranked, if you only care about getting that Onyx rank. I personally only play Halo for the fun of it, and have no interest in Ranked since you get nothing for it but a sticker and a Recon keychain, but if that’s why you’re doing it, hate to say it, but just intentionally ruin your MMR if that’s how it works now.

That wouldn’t help as the system is actively trying to get your visible CSR to match your hidden MMR.

I don’t understand the whole view of it being hard to rank up with this system. My MMR is somewhere in Onyx. So I can pretty much just keep losing and I don’t lose any rank, then when I win I get a huge rank boost.

Man they just need to have people match on rank the only reason they introduced this was because of smurfs which is a very small problem since most people aren’t good enough to smurfs in this game

Never understood why people like to waste time grinding on alts, unless it’s just a prank for YouTube or something. Too much effort that could be going towards your main account.

I think it works better than any other thing we have had to help stop smurfing so I’m all for it.

Realistically they would have to make it so you got your true rank instantly which almost feels less satisfying as there’s no grind. It’s a little monkey brain technique they use on us, they make it so we get to grind up to our true rank even though the game difficulty isn’t changing for most of us during that period of time so it’s tricking us into thinking we are getting more skillful but really the games are always against similarly difficult opponents.

I’m not against the idea in principle, I kinda hated how in H5 I would play 10 placement games and instantly be Onyx. Takes a little of the enjoyment out of it. Was more enjoyable when I was in Diamond 3 and had to win games to progress. It also allows the system to work out if it has your MMR wrong and it should be lower.